Sunday, May 30, 2010

last night/this morning was crazyyyyy!!!!

ahahahah. so i went to prom  last night.
i couldnt go to mine, so i went to bush's.
i'm not even gonna lie, it was SUPERRRR buck.
lol. i knew it would be though.. && dj chose was killing it.
smh, crazzzy night.
like i wish i could rewind seriously.
first siera, charissee, janelle, tina, and d. billy came to help us get ready..
so we were wating for like everrrr for seyi to come we finally left around 9:30.
when we got there everyone was like arriving and stuff.
i hit that dance floor hard!!
dami && seyi are like the lamest people ever, they just stood on the dance watching other people.
i was like wtf?? you came to prom to watch other people dance.
they sucked the fun out of me, lol.
thank God aj was there. we were jigginnnn! && eating.
i swear they had some good food. lol.
all the bush people were so buck, especially "da crew." i'm not gonna lie they kinda made the prom.
i actually rolled up Ogbon! #YIKES!
the one person swore i was not even go around. lol.
&& the boys kept making of me for it after.
yvonne said i was "a loose african!"
everyone was cool, i just wish most of my friends were there.
prom was crunk but after prom was so much funner.
we planned on going to the after parties, but we couldnt find the hastings one.
so everyone decided to go to B's house it was maddd people there.
sexy uncle syd came!!! with crystal.
they rolled up a "reggie" that thing was huge!!! lol.
everybody was taking a hit off that thing, lol.
it was a few of their first time so they were coughing && spitting it back up. lol.
but i say no to drugs. smoking is such a disgusting habit.
i was tryna get drunk like the wholeeee night!
B didnt have alcohol in his house, i was kinda pissed at that.
but everybody kept talking about this mexican party....

^ thats where i left off. 5/16/10.
lets see if i remember everything...
so everyone kept talking about this mexican drinking party in mission bend.
so eventually everyone got bored && we hopped in ogbon's car && headed to the party.
when i say ogbon cant drive. this dude cannot drive.
like he was tryna swang.
but he's so stupid, when you swang your supposed to go slow.
this dude was turning that wheel super hard && fast && bolade was high.
lol. he was like "ehhhh, swang this shit. swang this shit!!!"
&& that retard actually swang that the car.
like this is a HUGE nissan armada, with 7 people in the car.
like how dumb can this nigga be?!
at the moment it was fun, but the next morning after i heard about Tobi, i just broke down.
cant even look at Ogbon anymore, that kid played with my life.
i know its harsh but i cant let myself forgive him for that.
i could've died that night. smh. but instead it was Tobi.
it might not sound that crucial, but ya'll werent in that car. smh.
you know how when people just get their car, or its their first time out by themselves they act a little crazy trying to show off && stuff.
i dont even know why i got in that damn car, but dont worry i blame myself.
i felt soooo guilty after that.
but anyway back to prom night...
so we hit up the mexican party.
like when i say that mug was packed, that mug was superrrr packed.
everybody was drunk. we didnt even get inside cause they started charging $5.
but i saw one of my friends there && he was WASTEDDDDD.
like couldnt even stand.
i was excited cause i was tryna get drunk all night!!!
but we couldnt get in so we left the party was basically over && people were leaving.
they had to carry this girl out of the house cause she was doneeeeee.
so as we were leaving Obgon hit this mexican guy's car.
what!!!! we got so scared, Ogbon just sped off.
like this dude is so stupid. ughhhhh!!!
so everyone in the car was yelling && screaming cause mexicans are crazy.
we were speeding trying to lose them && went into 2 different neighborhoods.
mind you this is like after 3 in the morning.
we went back to B's house && everyone chilled.
it was super fun. i'm not gonna lie i had a good time.
but looking back on it now... all i think about is how i didnt die && Tobi did.
smh... that overshadows my whole prom experience.
i put my life in Obgon's hands... that dude just isnt serious.
i'm just so disgusted by him...
&& that's about it.

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