Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i'm so lazy.

i was supposed to finish that post later on, but i didnt feel like it.
i dont wanna dwell on negative things... somethings just have to be said though.
i'm pretty sure the people i'm referring to dont read my blog... i just like to vent.
but i'll finish it after this post.
anyway, i've been slacking on my blog. sorry.
i keep meaning to do it up, change stuff around, but i'm super lazyyyy.
i'll try to get it done this weekend.
the big weekend! plans are in motionnnnnnn!!!
ya'll dont even know! if ya'll really knew what was about to go down, you wouldnt even believe it.
ahahhaha. i'm just THAT slick.
smh, sometimes my shear genius even surprises me!
i know ya'll are dying to know what going on, but i dont wanna jinx it so i'll write about it after it happens.
but i'm super lazy so that be around tuesday. lol.

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