Saturday, May 8, 2010

i'm backkk! (blak jesus voice- youtube it)

so last night i was apparently a mess. lol.
i got my hair done,  i dont like it.
ughhh. i went to the lady that does the twins' hair.
&& i loveee their hair cause its always styled nice && it looks SUPER natural.
like its really theirs.
not that i need weave, i just dont wanna have to keep up with my hair everyday.
but this crap dont even blend in with my hair.
i thought after i flat ironed && wrapped it, it would blend in.
ughhh. i just wasted my time && my mom's money.
first off her shop is in like katy.
my mom was pissed that i couldnt find anyone in the west to do my hair.
then, on our way there the car broke down. like wtf?!
we were stranded at a gas station && it was hot as hell.
we called my daddy to come get us. it would've been like a 45 minute drive from his work.
but that nigga 2 hours later. smh.
lol. my mom was going fed on him, saying that he cares about making money over his family.
so i get to the hair dressers, && there was these 2 like mentally slow white ladies.
they were there with this black lady so i assumed she was a caregiver.
but one of the ladies, who sat practically on my head, kept talking!!! like random useless nonsense.
&& she kept burping. like ewwww.
slow or not, they need to teach her manners.... yuckkk.
she had a veryyyy disgusting stain on her butt.
you cant even imagine how uncomfortable i was andddd she had a stench.
i was just so disgusted && irritated. this might sound mean but come on...
she wasnt like retarded or nothing, she was fully aware && was concious of her surroundings.
but anyway, they left && i was next.
i told her i wanted a partial, meaning a few tracks in the back.
she kept adding track after track. like my hair is full enough.
it was a busy day for her so she hurried up && finished with me.
it looked nice. but she said it was too long and got a razor to started cutting it.
i was, "oooh, a razorrr."
but now it looks like my ends are nappy. like wtf.
ughhh, i'm just irritated thinking about it.
my hair isnt blending into the weave && its pissing me off.
lol. i dont wanna look like johnae from the real world!!!
yeaaa, this will be my last weave. i havent had good experience with it.
i'm going back to braids.

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