Saturday, May 1, 2010

i have a plannnn((( ;

so today's my prom...
&& ofcourse i'm not there, cause if i was i wouldnt be here.
i wanted to go, oh so bad.
but you should know how my life is by now... parents hoe'd yet again.
smh. i should've seen it coming.
everytime i put a little bit of trust in them they disappoint.
they wouldnt let me go.
to my senior prom...
i havent been to any homecoming, they said i couldnt even go to pro grad...
but prom??
thats doing ALOT!
but please, dont pity me...
in the end i kinda always get what i want.
i have a plan, && its a pretty good plan too.
i think my best one yet!
but i will not disclose the details of it until after it occurs.


  1. why wouldn't they let you go to prom? wtf? really? i didn't go to any of my shit by choice.. this kinda made me mad angry sad...

  2. yea, i told you they hate me!!!
    but i'm sneaking to bush's in two weeks. not my ideal prom but its something, plus this prom crap is seriously burning a DEEP hole in my pocket. smh.