Sunday, April 25, 2010

yesterday was crazyyyyy!

yesterday was super crazy... ALOT happened.
way too much to blog about!
i'll just number off.
1. I'm beginning to not hold on so tight to Tear. ehhh. *shoulder shrug*
2. i drove on the freewayyy!!! <-- that was scary!
3. i got the Onukwu's && took them to the mall.
4. me, dami, vanessa, lizzy && joy went to Taylor's carnival, which was SUPER weak.
5. we all went back to dami's house to chill, i picked up aj.
6. lizzy && the super ugly girl named Precious, fought in my backyard.
7. went back to dami's house to chill. noella, B ugly, seyi && esther joined.
8. noella tried to squash beef. ehhh. *shoulder shrug*
9. a police car drove directly behind me when i was dropping vanessa && the onukwu's off. forgot my license at home. smh.
10. came home boredddddd.
11. a visitor came.((( ;
12. i have a prom date. && seyi adewale is a hoeeee.

yea so that kinda sums up my day... i wanted to go into detail on everything but way too much happened. lol.
(i still have a secret!)

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