Thursday, April 8, 2010

so fortunate.

so since i stopped tricking i need a way of money, cause you know i NEED my cash.
i have have a lifestyle to maintain...
I started selling all my things, everything i dont want, or need.
i sell anything period, thats just my hustler mentality but now its serious,
cant on rely on niggas no more.
i knew this day would come, hope it wouldnt but knew i would...
now its time i provide for myself.
whoaaaaa, did i just say that??
this post is evidence of my maturatity, which increases every single day.
lol. i'm proud of me.
today i got paid with an ipod, i was supposed to get $10 but he said i'll give you my ipod instead.
lol. hell yea, i'll take it!
now, who wants to buy an ipod??

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