Thursday, April 29, 2010


i'm soooo damn lazy. lol.
ohkay but the secret is...
my parents went to nigeria && left me && my sisters at home!
like for a week!!!
my daddy came back yesterday && my mom's coming back on monday.
but can you believe that?!!
they left me, the one they call "irresponsible" at home to take care of my two younger sisters.
smh. they are full of crap.
but anyway, you know i had fun!
i stayed out late, took the car around, gave people rides like i promised, just took advantage of my new found freedom.
wow, i'm still in shock.
i drove to the mall, on the freeway, down Westheimer, to school, EVERYWHERE!!!
i felt so mature, just me && my sisters.
i even put gas in my mom's car!
they told me not to take it out, but ofcourse i did. lol.
man... i was hoping they would see how mature i am && let me drive more often but nope.
this whole week seniors didnt have to go to school till 12, so on monday && tuesday i drove.
almost got a ticket on tuesday for driving crazy in the parking lot.
i'm not even gonna lie i was feeling myself a lilttle TOO much.
i was hoping my daddy would let me drive today, cause i had made prior arrangements with Tear... i was supposed to go to his house.
but he didnt let me drive && that pissed me off!
he actually dropped me at school, how embarrassing.
but nothing good lasts for long... i was actually hoping his flight got delayed.
its trueeee! lol.

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