Tuesday, April 6, 2010

our adventure to sonic!

me and prince went to sonic for lunch.
it was so funny cause when we got back kirby && officer hall were riding around && drove right past us while we were parking!!!
AHAHHAA... prince almost crapped his pants, it was too funny.
i wasnt scared at all, danger excites me! (corny but true.)
thats my nigga, i guess he's my partner in crime too.
he gave me a great idea!!!
so my mom is traveling either next week or the week after for 2 weeks.
so i'm gonna take her car!!!
he was gonna take me to home depot to make a copy of the key, but i just found the spare in the house.
yay!!!! GOD is GOOD OOOO!
hehehehe, I'm really at a point right now that idgaf.
if they dont give me freedom, i'll TAKE it.
after that whatever happens, happens.

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