Sunday, April 18, 2010

kri-b's graduation party.

didnt get punished last night cause the relatives came over.
but i KNOW its coming tonight.
but i just got back from Kristin Barnes' graduation party.
my first white people party!!!((( ;
she had hers before graduation && that made more sense cause come june they'll be wayy too many parties to attend.
but it was at the perfect little reception hall in the boondocks.
they even had a swamp && an alligator in it!
their wasnt that many people but it was still fun regardless.
the people were cool, the food was delicious (i even made my own to go plate, lol) && the music was jamming.
they had liquor!!!!
i'm not a big drinker, cause i honestly cant hold my liquor but they had it out && was encouraging us to have some, smh.
lol. i mixed it with my pink lemonade but i drunk like 4 of those... so i'm a little tipsy right now. ahahhhaha.
like no joke, i just feel funny.
it was sooo fun, i cant wait till the next grad party!!

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