Wednesday, April 14, 2010

kendrick emordi. AHHHA.

lol. ^^that was random, well i'm talking to him on fb. but...
i loveeee how people keep asking me for rides when i said i'll be driving next week.
gosh, hold your horses guys. lol.
i'm giving everyone rides, my way of saying thank you to everyone who ever gave me a ride.
i'm paying it forward.

buttt here are the rules:
1. if i dont talk to you like ever, you can ask me for a ride but it wont be for free.
2. unless your aj that takes me everywhere, i'll only give you a ride ONCE.
3. i'm not going to galveston, 5th ward, 3rd ward, downtown, probably not even sugarland so dont ask.
4. we will NOT be doing any illegal activities.
5. if i say no once dont ask me 5 million times after that, its just pathetic.
&& thats all i can think of!

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