Thursday, April 22, 2010

He slids down your face when feel.

(think about it...)
big long huge sigh*
things are soooo mundane.
i used to love, actually cherish, our relationship.
but things just arent the same.
i didnt expect them to be, but i wanted things to stay the same.
now everything is routine.
from the good morning texts to the convo's we have.
i used to be ecstatic when my phone would ring && it'd be him.
but when you text the exact same thing, at around the exact same time, every single day...
its seems more out of duty rather than utter excitement to speak to me.
but maybe its just me...
he's not my man && i dont want him to be...
he has enough problems for the both of us.
but he needs me, && to some extent i need him too.

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