Thursday, April 22, 2010

doing BIG things.

one thing that people know about me is i'm a business woman.
i'm about my money && about my business.
i can hustle about ANYTHING...
in middle school i used to mix perfume, put them in the little sample tubes && sell them 2 for 25 cents.
thats how i made money 7th grade year.
i've sold candy, school supplies, done people projects/work basically anything i could to keep a steady income.
but now i'm on to bigger && better things.
so the Wdym shirts came in today...
in all honesty they are crunker than i imagined.
AJ was super hyped about it!!
&& now since we got them on our bodies people know we not playing.
we're having a photoshoot the week after taks && after that we'll make the website available so people can order online with their credit/debit cards.
you can still see me or AJ if you wanna buy a shirt though, the designs are at

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