Saturday, April 17, 2010


so i swangged on over to aj's house.
yet again... lol.
there was absolutely nothing popping off tonight.
but we're officially doing business together!
the good kind of business, not my extracurricular activities.
he's designing && i'm handling the business side.
so i'm gonna be pushing his shirts HARDCORE!!
we've sent out the first shipment for shirts, they'll come in next week.
but after that we'll be placing many more orders.
so if you wanna get one see me, or Aj anytime.
(the designs are below)

&& i'd like to address this, just cause i can...
people, "friends", are starting to show their true colors && hate just cause aj made a line.
like WTF??
if you doing well, going places, && makes moves, (not that they are) why wouldnt you want your friends to succeed with you??
all that is is some bitchassness. smh.
or maybe their just afraid of a little competition...
either way BTFU!

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