Friday, April 23, 2010

cant talk about the secret!

today was a chill day.
i drove to chelsi's then we went to mcdonald's almost died like twice!
ahahaha. jk.
then later on i chilled with dami && camille.
we went to cafe east to pick up some food.
their eggrolls were hitting!!!
&& i got plans for tomorrow!
i'm going to a carnival at Taylor.
i'm excitedddd, been stuck in fort bend too long.
need to get back to my roots!!!
plus i'm boyscouting.((( ;
(Alvin is dead to me.)
you were never really my boyfriend! <--- #ouch.
ahahhaa. i'm so confused in life. heheee.
yeeee. but me && Dami rolling up there tomorrow.

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