Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bumming around.

dont have to go to school till 12 so i'm bumming around...
i wish i could go out to eat with my friends, but their all sleep cause they dont have to go to school at all.
that sucks... i wish we could spend more time together cause now i can, && school we be over before we know it.
i'm not even gonna front, i'm gonna miss high school.
but this was just a phase i lived, learned, && loved from.
its about time i move on to better things... and that scares me.
the unknown, not being comfortable surrounded by new people, && CHANGE!
i hate change.
nobody is gonna hold my hand && walk me through life anymore.
well actually i know for fact my parents will... but other than them everything is all on me.
&& that scares me as well, cause what if i do faill??
thats not my portion in Jesus' name but... idk.
i guess this is the point where every senior comes to && thinks about their future.
i know my future is bright && the thought of anything else really scares me...

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