Sunday, April 11, 2010

alexander julian GIBBSON.

ugh... kind of mad at him at the moment cause he rather watch the simpson's then come with me to home depot.
but he is making a clothing line WDYM (well dressed young man).
&& his t shirts are sickkkkk!
i know alot of people have start they own line && stuff, but aj should have BEEN made one.
he's like real creative && stuff, i hate that!
lol, cause i cant put two && two together like that.
but here are a couple of the tees.
i'll probably be getting all of them.((( ;


  1. i like the african one. :) and if you're fucking i'll kill you.

  2. ahhhahahaa... dont worry.
    && i think you should get it.

  3. how much are they.. what's your contact shit so i can get one hoe.

  4. there $20 each!
    832 228 8637.((( ;